Friday, January 13, 2012

Holiday Season Detox

Christmas Day with My Cousins at Aunt Pat's!

I have been a very naughty trainer the past couple months.  Not only have I not been blogging, but I also have not been eating low-calorie through the holidays.  Like most people I over-indulged and gained some weight.  I would love to lie to you and say I followed all my own advice, worked out everyday, and watched my portions.  I must confess.  I did not.

Now I am in total detox mode.  Don't jump to any conclusions!  I am not getting a colonic or doing a colon cleanse.  By "detox" I mean that I am in diet overhaul.  You might be thinking this is just some weird New Year's resolution.  It's not.

I actually haven't been feeling very well the last couple months.  I thought I was just getting older and entering perimenopause.  I have had symptoms of insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, mild depression, hot flashes, night sweats, intolerance to cold, low body temperature, joint pain, hypoglycemia, etc.  After doing a lot of research on the internet I discovered I have numerous symptoms of adrenal fatigue.  Symptoms that I thought were totally unrelated might have to do with the impact that stress and diet have on my adrenal glands.

I must inform you that adrenal fatigue is not widely recognized as an actual diagnosis by the medical community.  However, considering I have had a lot of the symptoms of this so-called condition I decided to research more about it.  I found a website for Dr. Lam in California.  He has a lot of interesting things to say on the subject of adrenal fatigue.  He treats patients individually based on his/her hormonal imbalance.

Before rushing off to get expensive supplements and bio-identical hormone replacements, I decided it would be wise to save my money by implementing a few changes first.  Dr. Lam makes a lot of recommendations regarding diet.  You can read his Detox Diet Protocol on his website.  He recommends making lifestyle changes to your diet over the course of 12 months.  There is no better time than January to start.  In summary, these are the following changes that he recommends making slowly over the course of a year:

1. Decrease in fat intake
2. Decrease desserts, candies
3. Increase vegetables and fruits intake
4. Use whole grain products
5. Reduce milk and dairy products
6. Cut down on eggs
7. Decrease meat intakes
8. Stop using processed meats
9. Cut down on coffee, tea and cola beverages
10. Cut down on alcoholic beverages
11. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
12. Cut down on snacks and between meal eating

I have implemented a lot of his suggested changes to my diet over the past four days.  Surprise, surprise!  I already feel a lot better.  I am making the changes a bit faster than he recommended.  On day three I had a wicked headache, but that was it.  Now I feel great, and I have lost 2 lbs (probably water weight, but I'll take it!).  I cannot say that giving up some of my favorite things has been easy.  It has actually been really hard, but I keep reminding myself that I am feeling better. 

I would be remiss if I did not divulge that I have also made additional lifestyle changes to make the whole process easier.  For stress release I have been doing several of these things each day:

1.  Epsom Salts Bath at night to wind down
2.  Drinking Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea (Chamomile) to help me fall asleep
3.  Playing the Hypnosis Customizable Pack iPhone App to help me fall asleep
4.  Relaxation Yoga
5.  Cardiovascular Exercise to wake-up (instead of my Starbuck's Espresso & Cream)
6.  Subbing Green Tea for Coffee (less caffeine)

It has only been four days so I could be experiencing a placebo effect.  I truly hope it all lasts.  My energy and motivation is back up.  I am sleeping quite a bit better.  Most importantly, I feel happier, healthier, and calmer. 
Happy New Year!

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Disclaimer:  Please check with your doctor before embarking on any diet, supplement, or exercise program.

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