Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Fashion for the Fit Lifestyle

Play Hard Workout Harder

As the climate changes to cooler weather we need to switch our workout gear to make sure our motivation doesn't cool off as well. Remain a girl on fire, and dress in casual sportswear that transfers from the street to the studio with a quick change of footwear.

From Street to Studio

Grunge Hits the Gym

Before you go out on a massive shopping spree for Fall activewear, take an inventory of what you already have in your wardrobe. Last season's t-shirts could be great gym clothes, so don't be too hasty to throw them out. Re-purpose old tees by combing them with a new hoodie or leggings for a fresh, new look.

I try to remind myself to shop my own closet often. Not only does it help appease my shopping addiction, but it also keeps my current wardrobe fresh in my mind so that I'm not buying things I already have. 

Organize your closet and dresser drawers by colors, neutrals, and prints. It will make it easy to see what you already have so you can look for holes in your collection. It may also wake you up out of monotony. Do you always choose the same colors? Do you shy away from prints? The best way to break the cycle of a fashion rut is to see what you already have a ton of, and STOP buying it (gasp!). I mean, how many pairs of black leggings do I actually need? Apparently a lot, if you look in my closet.

Keep working out. When in doubt, just look fabulous.

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