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Winter Warm Workout

Winter Warm Workout

Winter Warm Workout by choicescoach featuring a bomber jacket

Don't let the cold put you in hibernation mode.  During cold weather it seems harder to get up in the morning and even harder to make it to the gym.  Make sure you have the right gear in your wardrobe to make it a little easier to get out in the cold.  

Dress for the weather.  If you normally wear your workout clothes straight to the gym, then layer up and change your shoes when you arrive.  Running shoes are made for ventilation which is great while you are running, because it helps keep your feet cool and dry.  However, running shoes are not made to keep your feet warm or to keep moisture from coming in. Wear your warm snow boots or hikers to the gym, and change into your athletic shoes when you are ready to warm up. There are tons of cute snow boots this season with fleece or faux fur lining to keep your feet warm and dry. If you don't have a good pair, then shop the sales. Can't find snow boots you like?  I might be able to help you with that. Here are my picks:

Aside from keeping the feet warm, you can trap in more body heat by layering up. Start with your dry-fit garments. Then layer on a sweatshirt, fleece pants, a down bomber jacket, and gloves. (Athleta is promoting a big sale right now, up to 60% off, so stock up!). As your body warms up at the gym you can peel off the excess layers until your down to the layer that keeps you cool and dry.

Cold muscles don't want to move. They simply aren't ready for it until you warm up. The warm up does a few things that are not to be bypassed.  A good warm up lasts 8-10 minutes and includes any easy cardio of your choice (walking, jogging, elliptical, etc.).  It gets the heart pumping and the lungs breathing heavier in preparation for a tougher workout. The blood pumping faster heats up the muscles and joints, making them more elastic and ready for exercise without injury. Also, the lungs breathing heavier means more oxygen, and more oxygen always means burning more calories. We definitely want that!

After the body is warmed up it is time for the workout! I have designed the following workout to hit all the major muscle groups. It is a hybrid workout drawing on basic strength training, circuit training, body weight training, Pilates, and barre techniques. The goal of the workout is to burn calories, strengthen the core, and tone the arms, legs, and glutes. The workout will probably take you about 30-45 minutes. All you need is one set of dumbbells, an exercise mat, and a chair or bench.  You can easily complete this workout at home since it doesn't require much space or equipment. I'm including a written format and video demonstrations for your convenience. As a reminder, always warm up first. 

Note: Always check with your doctor before embarking on an exercise program. 

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