Thursday, April 30, 2015

Love Your Body

Love Your Body

Love Your Body by choicescoach

I must admit that my relationship with swimsuit season is love/hate.  Every year, that first moment when I unveil my cellulite at the pool I feel like I am ripping a Band-Aid off a super hairy spot.  After getting it over with I kind of relax a little and decide who cares what everyone thinks (sort of).  I wish I could say that this year is going to be totally different, because I have lost a lot of weight since last year.  It is a little different since I'm 35 lbs. lighter, but it will still feel a bit painful and vulnerable.  I still have cellulite.  I'm still a pasty white girl that can only get a fake tan from a bottle.  I'm still (surprise, surprise) imperfect.  What is actually different isn't so much the weight, it's an attitude.  I love my body.  Sure I have my insecurities.  I have my junk in the trunk.  I wish I had an ample bosom (does anyone even say that anymore? lol).  More importantly, I have my health back.  

Part of having my health back is not just having a healthy body, but also having a healthy mind.  I could really demolish my self-esteem comparing myself to all the younger, prettier, curvier girls at the pool this summer.  I'm not going to do that.  I like to think that as I get older I'm also getting a little wiser. Comparing myself to others has never been very fruitful.  Even comparing myself to my younger self can leave me feeling a bit gloomy.  I never had the sense to appreciate my body in my youth when it was easier to stay fit.  What a waste!

There is a lesson there.  How old do I have to be before I learn to love my body?  If I didn't have the good sense to love my body in my 20's & 30's, then how old do I have to be before I realize that this time is going to pass too?  Shouldn't I spend this time appreciating my body for what it is now?  If more than likely my future self would say "have the good sense to love your body right now," then shouldn't I do that?  

It may sound strange to set a goal to love your body.  Maybe you're like me.  Maybe you look in the mirror and only see what you want to change.  Take this challenge with me.  Let's stop circling the fat.  Let's stop picking apart the problem areas.  Let's focus on what we like about our bodies.  Let's accept ourselves and our imperfections!  Let's accept that we are works in progress!  Let's love ourselves completely, mind, body, and soul!  Who's with me?


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