Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stacy London's New TLC Show

Stacy London is back with a new show on TLC called "Love, Lust, or Run." It premiered Friday night, January 23rd. I had high hopes for having Stacy London back in my life my living room, and she did not disappoint. Stacy is my ultimate style icon. She is sophisticated with an edge.

After watching the first two episodes I am hooked. Stacy doesn't just deliver on-point fashion advice. She also gets to the heart of why someone is dressing the way they dress, the message they are sending, the message they actually want to send, and how to fix it. This is how TLC describes it:

"Love, Lust or Run" is a new makeunder show where women with major fashion issues turn to style guru and Stacy London for help turning their over-the-top look from disaster to "Damn, girl!" See how gal pal Stacy can change not only a woman's look, but maybe even her life!

That sounds like a tall order, but wait until you see how she transforms a former exotic dancer into a mom her daughter can be proud of. The first two episodes have some emotional, heartfelt moments where candidates start crying and London gives supportive advice and hugs. London quickly redirects the candidates back to the fun part, shopping. She gives one candidate such perfect, simple wardrobe advice that I had to rewind and take notes. She said to, "...think of your wardrobe as a pie divided into quarters. You have your neutrals, colors, prints, and then your special pieces." Brilliant! I might need to reorganize my closet.

If you loved TLC's "What Not To Wear," then London's new show is a must-set-your-DVR.

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