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Choices Coach: Weight Loss Menu Guide Kindle Version


The Kindle Version is now available!
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I'm happy to announce the Kindle Version of my book is now available. Unlike the paperback, the Kindle version is in color with added photos. This is a great tool for anyone that is trying to manage their weight. It can be used in conjunction with the Lose It! app or My Fitness Pal. No calorie counting required. I've already done all that for you. You can use the book to plan what you want to eat for each meal. It's so simple. Choose your meal from the selected menu I have provided whether dining out or at home, and LOSE WEIGHT!!!!

Here is a sample excerpt:


I love food. I have been a personal trainer since 2007. Before I became a trainer I was overweight. I would love to tell you that after I became a trainer it was easy to stay thin from there on out. That simply was not the case. Over the past six years my weight has fluctuated. I would get tired of counting calories. I would fall off the wagon and eat/drink my calories with reckless abandon.

At the beginning of 2014, I was overweight again.  Over the course of a year I lost approximately 30-35 pounds through diet and exercise.  While calorie counting played a vital role in my weight loss journey I cannot tell you that I tracked my calories religiously.  Even though calorie counting works it is difficult to continue on a long-term basis.

I have trained several clients that struggle with the same issue. They become overwhelmed with counting calories or points. Tracking a few days seems tolerable until life gets busy. The task becomes tedious, daunting, or forgotten.

I have written this book to make calorie counting less of an issue. The book can be used as a tool to plan your meals. Imagine that this book is your selected menu when dining out. The key is to plan ahead and make healthier choices. I recommend planning three meals per day plus one or two snacks. If you are trying to lose weight, then limit yourself to one snack until you reach your goal weight.  If you are working out vigorously, then definitely add the second snack to keep up your energy.

How does it work?  There is a calorie budget set for each meal of the day.  Then I have supplied several meal choices that fall within that budget.  The budget is as follows:

Breakfast 200 to 400 calories
Lunch 300 to 500 calories
Snacks 150 calories
Dinner 550 to 650 calories

If you plan out 3 meals plus a snack, then you will be falling somewhere between 1200 to 1700 calories.  If you add an additional snack, then you will be consuming approximately 1350 to 1850 calories.  Please consult with your physician or dietitian regarding the appropriate calorie target for you to reach your goals.

In order to measure your portions you will need a few tools.  You will need a set of both dry and liquid measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a digital food scale.  I recommend purchasing a digital food scale that can toggle from grams to ounces.

This book is not an all-inclusive calorie counter, and it is not necessarily a plan to get ripped. It is simply a tool to make lower calorie choices on a daily basis in a very realistic, easy way. Once you have your calories under control, then take it a step further. Eliminate excess fat and sugar from your diet. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that excess saturated fat and excess sugar wreak havoc on your metabolism. I have no desire to replicate the books that are already out there that cover the subject at length.

Fresh whole food is certainly better for you, so why did I include so many restaurants? I have covered fast food and sit-down dining, because it is a reality in American culture. I am not suggesting that you eat out all the time. We all know it is easier to eat healthy at home. However, that knowledge is not stopping countless people from eating out. It is a reality that dining out is social, convenient, and often fun. That is pretty tough to give up.

Several meal plans are hard to stick with, because they are too rigid. They might be healthy, but everyone’s palate is different. If a meal plan includes a lot of foods that you do not enjoy, then you probably will not stick with it very long.

My ultimate goal with this book was to answer the question, “What can I eat?” It is a lot more fun to talk about what we can eat than what not to eat. There is a lot of variety. You should be able to find options that you enjoy."

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