Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivation Tips for Mondays

It can be difficult to get motivated to workout on Mondays. I admit I find them challenging, and I often don't get my workout in until the late afternoon. However, if I workout Monday morning I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It also makes me feel more positive about the rest of the week. I feel prepared. It simply starts the week off with more energy, drive, and focus.

If you are feeling motivationally-challenged on Mondays (like me!), then here are a few suggestions to help you get motivated:

1.  Commit to a shorter workout. Instead of telling yourself that it has to be an hour-long workout, commit to 20 minutes. After you get warmed-up you may feel like doing more. If you don't, then you can walk away happy with your 20-minute workout.  It's still better than nothing.

2.  Pick one or two muscle groups. Total body workouts can seem more daunting when you don't feel motivated. Work on chest/triceps or chest/upper back. You can balance it out by hitting the rest of the muscles throughout the week. 

3.  Do your favorite exercises. Whatever floats your boat, do it. I like to think of my workout time as recess. What happens to us as adults? Don't you remember being a little kid that couldn't wait for recess so you could go play on the jungle gym. I do. It was fun, and nobody told us we were exercising. Pick a fun workout, and the motivation will soon follow.

4.  Create a new playlist over the weekend. Music is motivating. Get the latest upbeat, heart pumping music to be your soundtrack for the week. Whenever I make a new playlist I can't wait to try it out. It actually gets me excited to do cardio (Did I really just say that? Who am I?). Here are a few of my current picks:

5. Enlist a workout buddy, or set an appointment with a trainer. If you're in KC, then I can recommend someone. (Wink, wink!) There is strength in numbers. Meeting with someone adds accountability.
What helps you stay motivated to workout? Leave comments, so we can inspire one another!

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